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5 Lessons on Business Planning from a Hardware Store in Wales

You might remember last year (2019) that a small hardware store in Wales took on John Lewis for the cutest Christmas advert. A battle of David and Goliath as it turned out but of course Goliath doesn't always win….

If you'd like to view the Christmas advert you can see it here but whilst you're watching it think how much it cost to make. 

So what can we learn…

1. You can take on the big boys even if you do exactly the same as they do. Just make sure that you focus on your target market (not theirs), you uphold your brand, maintain your standards and you clearly articulate your unique offering.

2. Zero budget doesn't mean zero campaign. No money forces you to focus and makes you super creative. This video took a few days’ time, some favours from some awesome friends and £100 and that's because they had to pay the royalties to use the song.

What could you do if you had the idea but didn't have the money?

Moving away from hardware to bras, Michelle Mone who set up Ultimo bras had a zero marketing budget but she was able to create huge press coverage by using PR stunts in train stations and outside Selfridges. You can read about the Selfridges PR stunt here

3. Every business has an almost equal opportunity to go viral. In the online world, if you have a great story, told in a creative way then you can go viral. Take the DollarShaveClub going up against Gillette (and others). They filmed their own video and to date have had 26million You tube views. It makes me smile… and I don’t shave!

Now consider Mrs Hinch, and her almost 4,000,000 Instagram followers. She did what she did best, helped people learn how to clean their oven or their washing machine, 3 books and numerous sponsors later she continues to hold true to her values.

4. Rope in everybody you know. Remember it's not what you know, it's who you know and this is nevermore so important than in business. Take some time to sit down and map out everyone you know. I'm sure that you will uncover some amazing people that can help you, that you didn't know were there. Also tell everybody that you need some help to do such and such. You'll be amazed how many people will offer to help you.

5 Never give up. But like the hardware shop, don't lose sight of your traditions, your values, your way of doing business. Move with the times and embrace the technology, the systems, the platforms and the apps that are around to help you.

Christmas isn’t far away have you planned your Christmas video yet?