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5 Lessons on Business Planning from a Hardware Store in Wales

You might remember last year (2019) that a small hardware store in Wales took on John Lewis for the cutest Christmas advert. A battle of David and Goliath as it turned out but of course Goliath doesn't always win…. If you'd like to view the Christmas advert you can see it here but whilst you're watching it think how much it cost to make.  So what can we learn… 1. You can take on the big boys even if you do exactly the same as they do. Just make sure that you focus on your targ...

September 9, 2020

13 Common Mistakes When Writing a Business Plan

We come across lots of businesses that don't have a business plan and when we ask why they tell us they never seem to be able to get a good plan to come out the process.This blog explains the 13 Most Common Mistakes that means a business will never have a great business plan. Read all the details and uncover the 13 mistakes here....

September 6, 2020

Valuing your business for a Business Angel

Many growing businesses look to work with business angels to raise the money that they need.   High growth businesses are often too high risk for banks to support and equity investment is their only answer. Valuing your business is perhaps the most emotive aspect of the whole process and something that Phil specialises in.  He had a look at the subject in his blog, How do I value my business for a Business Angel. Have a look here - and don’t forget, your business plan needs to r...

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