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Businesses that plan are more successful than those that don't.

Businesses that plan, grow 30% more quickly and are twice as likely to secure finance than those that don't; and...

Almost 75% of growing businesses have a business plan in place whilst 70% of business that fail do not have one!

Business planning is one of the most transformational activities any business owner can undertake and Business Planning in a Box™ makes it easy and effective to create your business plan and then, most importantly, keep your business plan live, relevant and useful.

Business planning is about to get a whole lot easier.

Business Planning in a Box™ is not simply a set of templates for you to fill in - populating a template is not business planning.  Business Planning in a Box™ allows you to fully embrace, understand and lead planning in your business - making it simply part of what you do.

"Business planning doubles your chances of securing finance and increases your chances of business growth by 50%."

Source: small business trends

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